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    the Triking

    thetrikingThe Triking is a two-seater, open cockpit, sporting car in the tradition of a 1920s Aero-type cyclecar and hand built to the highest standards

    Available fully built ready to drive,or in component (kit) form for self build. Each car is tailored to the customers individual specification and complies with relevant legal requirements (MSVA etc.) There is a comprehensive choice of options and specification available. Please contact us for further information.

    Based on a tough, epoxy-powder-coated, steel space-frame chassis with hand-molded resin coachwork, the Triking uses a blend of purpose made and proprietary parts to give the best performance and appearance. The air-cooled engine is the proven Italian thoroughbred, Giulio Carcano designed, 90-degree, vee-twin from the Moto Guzzi motorcycle. Rear-wheel drive is used to provide the best combination of driver appeal and balance.

    quality & style



    Visually the Triking has changed little since the 1970s but has undergone extensive, fine detailed improvements utilizing the latest technology in electrical systems, braking and suspension. Following these developments and the use of precision components Triking Sports Cars are straightforward to construct and easy to maintain.
    All Triking technical improvements and upgrades can be readily retro fitted to existing cars.
    All refinements are extensively researched, developed and tested. Longevity is a prime consideration, our cars are built to last, and of course to provide many years of enjoyment for their owners.
    Build quality is of the utmost importance. All components undergo rigorous quality control and attention to detail is painstaking. All Triking components are engineered using the finest quality materials and hand built using traditional skills and techniques culminating in an original, bespoke sporting car.


    bespoke From the moment you order to when it is delivered, you have complete control over every part on your Triking.

    This car is made for you, for how you drive and how you want it to look. From the dash to the lights, the options are huge, making every Triking unique and individual.


    triking The Triking is a proven, timeless design and is generally acknowledged to be one of the finest examples of its type in the world. The Triking has changed little in appearance over the last three decades and there is essentially only one model. Technical refinement has been continuous,thorough and progressive . Bespoke by nature Triking factory built cars are constructed to suit individual requirements of their owners. Self build (component) Trikings are similarly versatile allowing the builder to tailor many attributes of the finished article to their own desires. Many of the components are still made using traditional methods but are now more fully “productionised” to ensure consistent parts availability for all Trikings. Also modern materials and processes are adopted where appropriate. More recent developments include… larger cockpit area, spaceframe chassis front to facilitate engine access, extensive use of stainless steel and aluminium components, in addition to variations to accommodate larger capacity Moto Guzzi engines. The build process has also recently been further refined to improve its suitability for self build construction. The Triking is still made in Norfolk, England and exported worldwide.

    Moto Guzzi

    theengineThe Moto Guzzi engine was a natural choice for the Triking. In addition to being technically compatible it shares the Triking design philosophy of strength, simplicity and unique character It all started with three friends (Guzzi,Ravelli and Parodi) who were all in the Italian Air Corps during the First World War.they came from vastly different backgrounds, Guzzi was an engineer, Ravelli a famous motorcycle racer and Parodi who came from a wealthy family Their dream was to build motorcycles after the war. Ironically Ravelli was killed in a plane crash just days after peace was declared ,Guzzi and Parodi then formed Moto Guzzi with financial backing from Parodis` family and in honour of their friend used their Air Corps squadron symbol as the insignia for their new company. This is the now famous flying eagle Moto Guzzi badge. Their first bike was a 500cc single manufactured in 1922. it sold well in various configurations and became the company`s base model over the next 40 years, Initially badged as Guzzi Parodi the name on the bikes was changed to Moto Guzzi to ensure separation from the financiers other business interests.

    Moto Guzzi 2

    trikingThe Guzzi bikes quickly started to perform well in racing. As was their original intention Guzzi used motorsport as an advertising platform to promote their new company. By the 1950s Guzzi were at the forefront of Grand Prix racing. Guzzi were quite forward thinking in engineering design terms and became the first manufacturer in Europe to build a wind tunnel for testing aerodynamics notably using the propeller from an aeroplane to provide the wind. Their chief design engineer Guilio Carcano designed the legendary V8 race engine which was reputedly the most complex engine of its day. In the late 1960s Guzzi developed the 90 degree shaft drive V twin engine initially a 700cc – again a Carcano design. this has now become the widely recognised icon that the company is known for today. This engine has evolved in detail and increased in capacity (now 1400cc in 2013) In 1976 Guzzi released the 850 LeMans which has now become one of the most iconic sought after Guzzi bikes produced. The big V twin engine has a very distinctive character while being simple to maintain and very robust. All Trikings are fitted with Moto Guzzi engines usually the low compression touring spec as its tractable power delivery is ideal for a cyclecar. During the 1980s Ten factory built Trikings were fitted with Le Mans engines.

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