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Triking History

The Triking concept is a contemporary sports car inspired by the classic cycle cars from the 1920s
era. The first Triking was designed and built in the 1970s by company founder, draftsman and
technical artist, Tony Divey. Tony`s enthusiasm for three wheelers and his time spent working closely
with Colin Chapman at Lotus Cars culminated in his design for the Triking. This was a blend of proven
design principles and race-bred technology.

The first Triking was completed in 1977 and rapidly earned a reputation as a unique combination of
precision engineering, attractive design and a highly capable sporting car. Attention from motoring
press and public alike has always been immensely positive.

Production was quickly commenced in Norfolk. As well as a successful road-going sports tourer,
Trikings firmly established themselves in competition. Purpose-built competition cars were regularly
campaigned in motor sport events such as rallies, hill climbs and sprints.

Customers followed suit including entries to prestigious events such as the Brighton Speed Trials.
Competition improved the breed and inspired a range of detail improvements to the original
Trikings policy is one of continuous improvement and refinement, the engineering evolution
continues .