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The Triking

The Triking is a two-seater, open cockpit, sporting car in the tradition of a 1920s Aero-type cyclecar. Hand built to the highest standards, the Triking is a proven, timeless design and is generally acknowledged to be one of the finest examples of its type in the world.


Available fully built ready to drive,or in component (kit) form for self build. Each car is tailored to the customers individual specification and complies with relevant legal requirements (MSVA etc.) There is a comprehensive choice of options and specification available. Please contact us for further information.


Based on a tough, epoxy-powder-coated, steel space-frame chassis with hand-molded resin coachwork, the Triking uses a blend of purpose made and proprietary parts to give the best performance and appearance. The air-cooled engine is the proven Italian thoroughbred, Giulio Carcano designed, 90-degree, vee-twin from the Moto Guzzi motorcycle. Rear-wheel drive is used to provide the best combination of driver appeal and balance.